Rich Fletcher Recovery Fundraiser


Hey Everyone:

If you are wondering why I am posting this to my crochet blog it’s because this family is from my home town of Pacifica, CA.  I want to help spread the word about Rich Fletcher’s Fundraiser on September 20, 2014 from 5pm – 11pm so, maybe people in town who don’t have facebook can share this information via e-mail or others who cannot attend or do not know his story can help out this family too!  I will be making and donating a 49ERS themed Granny Square Blanket to help raise funds.  The blanket will be on auction the night of the event in Pacifica, CA at the Pedro Point Fire House.  There is only enough room for 110 people at this event and seeing that past events have had more than 100 people in support of the cause I advise you to purchase your dinner/event ticket for $30 per person ASAP!  My Grandmother, Mother and I all have our tickets already! It’s time for you to join the party and help out this awesome family!  If you cannot attend or would rather donate to the cause please CLICK HERE!


Mimi Quirarte


July 2014:

We will be serving fresh local salmon, fresh local vegetables and rice pilaf. A beef dish will be available for none fish eaters. Live music (bands TBA) & a full bar will be provided for purchase. This event is open to 110 people at $30 per person. This is a pre-sale ticket event and tickets can be purchased here in advance. All money will go directly to the family.
Rich has come a long way, especially mentally but his physical condition remains and will remain for life (paraplegic). The bills will not stop and his ability to earn is severely hampered. Come out and have a great dinner, dancing & refreshments while helping a great cause!

Thank you!

To Purchase a ticket to this event please CLICK HERE

To RSVP on the Facebook Event (once you’ve purchased your ticket) CLICK HERE


Rich Fletcher’s Story

On August 16th 2013, Richard was the victim of a tragic motorcycle crash & hit and run in Oakland, Ca. While riding his motorcycle home from work that Friday afternoon he was cut off by a passing motorist. Rich did nothing other than point at his own head as he later passed the driver further down the road as a sign to use your head and watch for motorcycles. This small gesture enraged the driver of the car and he immediately started trying to run him off the road numerous times.

Rich, only wanting to get home to his family after a long week of work, simply sped off and away from the irrational driver. After riding a few miles and no longer seeing him, Rich thought he was safe and far enough away that he relaxed and went back to a normal pace. Moments later Rich looked into his mirror and last thing he saw was the car coming straight at his rear wheel doing what he believes to be at least 30 miles an hour faster than he was traveling, as he was doing the speed limit.

The driver purposely rear ended him on his motorcycle and then sped away. He is currently being charged with attempted murder along with other felony charges and is being held at Santa Rita Jail in Alameda County.

Richard suffered tremendous injuries and is paralyzed from just above the waist. His spinal cord was severely damaged. He has many broken vertebrae & ribs along with lots of road rash. He is recovering in the hospital and is currently out of the ICU ward. Next he will be transferred to a spinal recovery therapy center where he will have a lot of work ahead of him. The surgeons and doctors who performed his surgery have stated he will never walk again as the spinal injury was so severe.

Rich was the sole provider for his family of 5 including his 3 children, 2 of whom are in college with his youngest a sophomore in High School. Words can not describe the pain and uncertainty the family is feeling right now. There will be some very difficult times ahead for the Fletcher family and any financial help that can be provided will really help as both Rich and his wife Laura will both be away from work for an extended time. Please help a great father, husband and friend in his time of need!



To purchase a ticket to this event: CLICK HERE

Facebook Event Page: RSVP (RSVP doesn’t mean you have purchased a ticket)

Rich Fletcher’s Recovery Website

If you can’t attend please DONATE HERE


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